The Relationship Roast

The Relationship Roast


2021's Valentine's Day Themed Read: The Relationship Roast

Name a more dysfunctional on-screen couple than Carrie and Big. I’ll wait...
Seriously, their relationship was so polarizing and addicting to watch because we all saw parts of ourselves in them. As cringey as it might be to admit, who among us hasn’t been in an on-again-off-again thing, a toxic thing, a co-dependent thing, a “your girl is lovely, Hubbell” thing? No relationship is perfect and maybe that’s why we kind of rooted for them. Maybe we "couldn’t help but wonder..." if their relationship fails what does that say about the fate of our own? OR, If their relationship could survive despite flaws, public meltdowns, and rampant narcissism couldn’t ours maybe work out too? OR, If Carrie keeps going back to the guy she knows is bad for her maybe it’s ok if we do that too? The short answer is: TV ISN’T REAL LIFE, BOO BOO! But this reading might help you get to the root of the problems, the underlying reason you're asking those questions in the first place. This reading might be for you if:
A) You’re in a relationship and want to be roasted together, as a couple... this requires bravery and honesty and more cajones than most people possess, tbh
B) You’re in a relationship, but past that obnoxious honeymoon phase of being inseparable (see what I did there, group A?) and you want some info or answers for yourself, privately
C) You’re single and could benefit from a relationship post-mortem, a come to Jesus on the state of your love life. Maybe you need help moving on, don’t want to repeat the same mistakes, or are in a tangled COVID situationship (how chic!). Whatever your status, introspection is always the right call.

This reading is NOT for you if you aren’t ready to receive totally honest answers. You could get reassurance or cold hard truths, but you have to be OK with the outcome no matter what that is. I occasionally have to sugarcoat parts of readings for people who are not truly ready for FACTS, but a B is not here to play this v-day so buckle up! 🖤


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