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2019 Recap: J-curves, Oysters, and Paywalls

One of my greatest joys this time of year is reading Dave Barry’s year in review in the Washington Post. This year, however, I was rudely greeted by a paywall when I clicked on the link to the story. Could I subscribe or just go buy a hard-copy of The Post magazine somewhere? Yes. Am I going to wait until enough time has passed that the paywall comes down? Also yes.

So to fill the void in my life where Dave Barry’s review should be, I’m doing my own 2019 recap:

Since starting Halcyon Tarot in June of this year, I’ve done 57 readings plus many freebie readings for friends and family members. I’ve read at four events and parties. I’ve made a lot of really cool connections with people and made some new friends in the process.

As fun as it is seeing how much this little card-slinging hobby has grown, I’m more focused on the future right now. Big life changes have forced me to re-evaluate my goals and what I want to work toward in my professional and personal life. I’m turning 35 soon and suddenly having to re-imagine what I want to be when I grow up, which is a little scary (insert j-curve graph correlating my increasing stress level with cheese/wine intake).

I’m not really worried about the future - I know I’ll be OK and I will figure things out, even if I have to get scrappy. The feeling I’m having now is more being overwhelmed by the fact that this is actually a moment of opportunity, full of potential. It feels VERY much like the 2 of wands and 3 of wands. I *could* do anything, really. ‘The world is your oyster,’ I tend to say about both of these cards. I’m feeling the grip of choice paralysis though. I’m ultimately going to go with whatever I need to do to support myself and my son in the best way possible, but I’m trying to be open to signs from the universe that will help me figure out just what that is (a billboard would be helpful, guys).

As much as I love tarot, it’s not going to pay the bills. I’m going to keep plugging away at it though while I try to remain open to new opportunities for my regular, full-time career. The good news is that connections I’ve made in 2019 have opened the door for me to add new clients in 2020. I got accepted to do readings at the Pathways Natural Living Expo in April , which is HUGE and will be an awesome way to make new connections and will continue to do readings at some of the local Illuminate Festivals . I’ve also gotten inquiries to do more parties, pop-ups, and collaborations in the new year, which I can’t wait to share once they are offish.

I would LOVE to help you look into what 2020 holds for you. You know the saying: ‘those who can’t do, teach,’? Well, those (*me*) who can’t figure their own stuff out, do tarot and help others. Doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way, I’m still workshopping that one. In any event, I have openings for a couple different reading types that I’ve offered as part of my limited-time holiday readings.

The 2020 Forecast: If you’re like me and like to plan everything out a year at-a-glance tarotscope can help you roll into the new roaring twenties with confidence. Send me your birthdate and you’ll get a comprehensive review of your birth number and card, your 2020 year number, how it corresponds to cards in the tarot and what the heck it all means for you in a Celtic cross spread.

The Monthly Weigh-In: A regular card pull to set the tone for each month of 2020. It’s an automatic tarotscope, sent to you at the beginning of each month by DM or email. Imagine: next June getting your summer started with a little pep talk in your inbox. Your future self will thank you.

The Year In Review: This 12-card spread will look at the past year in depth and deliver messages about what this means for you moving forward. If we don’t learn from the past we are doomed to repeat it and I don’t know about you, but I definitely do not want a repeat of 2019. Advice, validation, and kudos to move you into a fresh, new year.


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