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I chose a crappy time to get a new phone. I knew that this weekend was smack dab in the middle of an already quirky mercury retrograde, but my old phone had been acting bonkers for a couple months and there was a sale so I went for it anyway. While trying to set up the phone (1) the store’s computers went down twice, (2) I couldn’t remember my login information for my wireless account (3) my old phone’s backup had failed to register, and (4) the rewards credit card I’d planned to use refused to work. Eventually I got everything to work and I’m thrilled to not be tethered to a charger most hours of the day, but it wasn’t lost on me that the mercury retrograde weather was probably the source of a lot of those bumps in the road.

But today is a LOVELY break from that rx fog. It’s 11/11 and I’m typing this up right on 11:11. This is a wonderful today to get in touch with some of the harmonious 11:11 energy floating around.

In numerology, 11 is a “master number”. Typically 11:11 represents a spiritual awakening, a breakthrough, or a mile marker on the road to your highest and greatest. It’s very full of potential and opportunity, luck and synchronicity. It’s a gift.

I’ve been seeing 11:11 multiple times a day (sometimes several) for most of the last three years. The frequency actually increased when I started learning tarot. When I launched Halcyon Tarot it was EVERYWHERE. I’ve been able to notice that when that shows up, my guardian angels are kind of checking in, in a way. They are confirming what I kind of already feel to be true - that I’m on the right path.

On the flip side, there have definitely been brief time periods where I wasn’t seeing 11:11 at all. That was a blunt way of letting me know that I was NOT on the right path. It was pretty clear in hindsight why they turned the green light of repeating numbers off (I can think of one particularly quiet period where I was dating some dud and as soon as that was over the repeating numbers came back. LOL guides, thanks for the heads up!)

If you’re seeing repeating numbers (11:11, 222, 333, etc) you can look up the significance of those numbers on sites like this or this. But regardless of what numerological significance a website or book might tell you, the more important thing is what you FEEL and SENSE the message for you might be.

When you see those repeating numbers, what are you doing? Are you working on a hobby or doing something you’re passionate about? Are you actively making changes in your life? Your guides might be asking you to pay attention to what you’re working on because those repeating numbers can represent a pat on the back. Keep going, you’re on the right track.

Alternatively, how do you feel when you see those repeating numbers? Are they popping up at moments when you’re happy? Then it could be a message to pursue more of those moments. It could be the universe’s way of saying to lean into that. If the numbers are showing up at a more stressful moment it could be asking you to look at what’s going on at that point that you could afford to let go of or what is in your power to change.

Pay attention to where you’re seeing repetition or signs. And lean into the energy of the 11:11 master number today. This is a great day to open yourself up to new opportunities. Something that seems to be coming up in a lot of client’s readings lately has been the tendency to be holding too tightly to one outcome. Try to be receptive to options you haven’t considered.

It’s a great expansive kind of day to ASK for help if you aren’t getting the signs too. If you ask for signs or guidance, you just might get them today. I hope you get what you need today!


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