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Frequently Asked Questions

What the F actually is Tarot? 

The Tarot is a 78-card deck that evolved as a divination tool in 14th century Europe. Each card has a variety of meanings depending on the question, position, and context of surrounding cards. Reading tarot is the practice of laying out cards and analyzing them using intuition and energy to gather insight and guidance for where you’re at in your life. It can validate and bring awareness to truths you already know deep down.

Um, what?

Basically, in a reading I will lay out some cards and use my intuition and knowledge of the card meanings to get a picture of what you need to know or pay attention to. This can mean giving you some no-bullshit, real talk (in the most loving way possible), but ultimately my goal is to help you see what guidance the universe is trying to give you to make sure you’re on the right path to your highest good.

Does this predict the future? Am I going to get bad news? 

No. Tarot is less like a crystal ball and more like a mirror. It reflects back to you truths you already hold consciously or “know” subconsciously. It zeros in on the things in your orbit that currently have the most relevance to where you’re at in life. That could be decisions, relationships, your career, upcoming travel, whatever. What comes through is what your guardian angels or guides or God or Allah or whatever big spirit in the sky you believe in needs you to pay attention to right now. I do positive, informative readings with the goal of delivering messages on how to realize your highest potential and step into your kickass power.

Readings don’t predict sickness or death. I don’t work with dark stuff or negative energy. I’m not a medium or a doctor so I can’t talk to dead people and I can’t give medical advice. And no, I won’t put a hex on your ex (even if they deserve it). This is also not “healing”, although a reading can give you the tools and insights to use on the road to healing yourself.

Why did you start doing Tarot? 

I’ve had prophetic dreams (usually involving loved ones who have passed on) and a very strong intuition since I was very young. That always drew me to trying to understand that connection and figure out what the heck it all means. I’ve been interested in Tarot for years and have been read a couple times. In 2016 I started learning Tarot and practicing myself. I’ve grown from reading for just my nearest and dearest to reading for a wide range of people and I LOVE IT. 

Can you do readings over the phone or skype?

I do readings both in-person and virtually (via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc). Phone is fine, but a video chat is ideal if we can't meet in person. You can purchase a reading as a gift certificate for anyone. You can also contact me directly to set up readings for a party, event, or group. 

Terms and Conditions

Payment is required before starting a reading. No refunds. Please provide 24 hour notice for cancellations, I will make every attempt to reschedule if needed.

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